«Youth in Migration Societies»

The topic ‘Youth in Migration Societies’ focuses on young people growing up under the conditions of a society whose members are becoming increasingly aware, in contexts replete with conflict, that they live in a migration society, i.e. in a pluralistic society in which immigration and emigration are part of normality.

This is actually nothing new. From a historical perspective, migration is also the norm, as is the fact that global connections and networks arise from migration which have often intensified over the course of history. What is relatively new is that the normal case is now more or less perceived as such, and integral to this is that migration is also a topic of discussion, debate and dispute.

The subject of the conference are studies that present macro-, meso- or micro-perspectives on young people growing up in migration societies. Structural framework conditions, institutional inclusions and exclusions, subjective localizations as well as individual patterns of action and interpretation of young people are to be taken into account and examined – also in social networks. In addition, the tensions that arise between structural frameworks, institutional inclusions and exclusions and the interactions of young persons with other people and groups from their social networks (e.g. family, peers) are of focal interest.

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