«Multicultural Conviviality»

Living with differences has become an individual and social task and challenge in modernity under conditions of worldwide ever-increasing interconnections. This is particularly the case where in the context of diverse multiplex migratory movements, new forms of social practices are being developed and tried out in local and regional spaces in order to shape innovative ways of living together.

In the context of a post-colonial perspective, these approaches are termed ’multicultural conviviality’; in a decolonial perspective this is called ’interculturality.’

The key question here is principally how – through cooperation at the local level – new forms of solidarity and belonging can be generated and what dynamic processes of individual and social learning are associated therewith.

The open section of this International Migration Conference will present, explore and discuss current challenges in the context of migration.

For further information on the conference in due time please register on www.irm-trier.de

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